#DearCinnaMoms Feb 22'

Winter nears its end,

A spring's bloom around the bend

Praise be blessed rains.

Fervorous this living desert be,

Mighty and tenacious are we.

Hazy the snow-peaked mountains in the distance;

Our price to pay for warm sands, cool waters, and sun filled days.

February in the Southland

February came and went, and in our short month, we celebrated Black History as well as the month of Love and Friendship. CinnaMoms continued in its commitment to offering support in a safe space during our bi-monthly support meetings. This month, we came together to interpret our love language and discuss the power of reading.

Let’s talk Love

Rhonda (though congested) would not let a cold keep her from connecting virtually with us and address a topic near and dear to her heart. With Tia at her side, they welcomed us into this session and introduced our topic: Love and Breastfeeding.

Have you heard of the Love Languages quiz?


Dr. Gary Chapman, Ph.D., published several books on how we communicate and interpret love by employing the Five Love Languages:

• Acts of service

• Receiving gifts

• Quality time

• Words of affirmation

• Physical touch

Our unique experiences force us to develop our interpretations of love. How we express it or hope to be loved may not be how our partners or loved ones experience or communicate love.

Let us imagine, our partner is coming home after a long day at work tired and hungry, out of love we decide that a hot meal that’s ready upon their arrival would be perfect (acts of service), and we timed it just right! Our significant other comes home and takes us in an embrace (physical touch) then proceeds to talk about their day (quality time). We try to direct their attention towards the five-star meal we have prepared with great care as it is becoming colder with every passing moment. As they prepare to dig in, we feel that our five-star meal is now down to one and then thrust in the microwave. Our hard work was not all in vain; mixed signals, because the attempt to communicate love was made by both sides but lost in translation.

If this topic sounds familiar, it means you have been paying attention. We have taken our love quiz before and have discussed our Love Languages. For those of you just joining us, welcome! For you returning CinnaMoms, we appreciate you and share the link once again, inviting you to take the quiz one more time.


An interesting thing happened when reviewing our results. Many of us found that our primary love language had changed. Our language changes because we change, we recognize that our loved ones have been actively expressing their love and through their actions, taught us how to love them back.

Let’s talk Love and Breastfeeding

After several families shared their experiences with breastfeeding, Rhonda being the great facilitator and amazing human that she is, offered supportive love. CinnaMoms facilitators continued and spoke about their own experiences. like when Tia shared, it “wasn't all roses." Four children and two of them tongue-tied; it was a journey of tears due to lack of knowledge, and emphasized the importance of seeking a second opinion.

Who are the people in your love circle?