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General Resources

These free community resources are available to help you and your family live a secure and healthy life.


Welcome Baby

Welcome Baby is a free, voluntary home visiting program for all mothers who live within a five-mile radius of California Hospital Medical Center and plan to deliver there


Mental Health Support Group

This free group will focus on mental health and strategies for wellness. A safe space for new and expecting Black Moms.


Fatherhood Support Groups

Groups provided by Black Infants and Families in Los Angeles 


WIC Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Program

If you are currently pregnant and would like extra support with breastfeeding, a woman who has successfully breastfed her baby may be able to partner with you.


Black Infant Health TCCI

The California Black Infant Health (BIH) Program aims to improve health among African American mothers and babies


Frontline Doula Hotline

The Frontline Doula "Hotline" is a respectful "warm line" that allows you to schedule a call back time with a Doula.


Black Women for Wellness Cookbook

A cookbook and guide for mommy and baby 


LA Head Start Program

Helping families get the best start in life 


LA Public Library 

Fantastic resources provided for you and your family. 

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Vista Village 

Vista Village is dedicated to enriching the lives of these young children by providing high quality learning experiences, strengthening parent-child relationships and connecting families to their communities.

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Venice Family Head Start

Helping families get the best start in life. 

To enroll call: 310-664-7536


LA County Library 

Fantastic resources provided for you and your family. 

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