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CinnaMoms Crenshaw Launch

CinnaMoms, a motherhood, breastfeeding, and parenthood brand within the PHFE WIC program, welcomes you to CinnaMoms Crenshaw!

In June 2023, CinnaMoms launched a nontraditional WIC Center using the CinnaMoms model. The CinnaMoms mission is to create a cultural space that promotes empowerment and self-transformation for Black/African American women.

We come together to share and advocate for breastfeeding/chestfeeding, parenting, and health for the entire life course.

CinnaMoms Crenshaw serves as the first of its kind; a physical location focused on re-introducing the WIC program to the community by providing a safe space designed by and for Black/African American WIC participants and the community around the Obama Blvd WIC center (Crenshaw Blvd and Obama Blvd).

We renovated 1400 square feet of the WIC center with funding from Heluna Health. The purpose of the space is to provide prenatal and postpartum mothers, birthing people, and their families an environment to rest and nest, access community resources and further connect with WIC and one another.

The values and mission for CinnaMoms Crenshaw are guided by three (3) pillars: Rest, Nest, Connect

  1. Rest: We are guided by Tricia Hersey and her Rest is Resistance Manifesto. CinnaMoms Crenshaw is a space for prenatal wellness support, postpartum self-care, and rest!

  2. Nest: We understand that nesting during pregnancy is an instinct that finds moms-to-be preparing their homes (aka their “nests”) for their baby’s impending arrival. At CinnaMoms Crenshaw we will offer prenatal support in preparation for delivery and the postpartum journey: prenatal yoga, OB appointment support, access to doulas, healthy foods, first foods, and lactation support.

  3. Connect: The foundation of CinnaMoms is connection. At CinnaMoms Crenshaw we will have in person:

    1. Prenatal and postpartum support groups and classes

    2. Wellness classes (yoga, cooking demos)

    3. Culturally relevant lactation support

    4. Access to WIC Registered Dietitians, Lactation Consultants, Peer Counselors, CinnaMoms Team, and outside community resources

CinnaMoms Crenshaw Soft Opening on June 15, 2023 showcased the space via guided tours and guests shared in the excitement of its opportunities.

Those in attendance included representatives from LA City Mayor Karen Bass’ Office, Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, Community based organizations, Kaiser, LA Care, Heluna Health and PHFE WIC leadership, and from Sacramento the California WIC Association and California Department of Public Health WIC Division. We heard stories from CinnaMoms WIC participants, honored those involved in spearheading and renovating the new space, and shared in a beautiful tribute to the late colleague and WIC pioneer Ms. Sharen Anthony.

Stay tuned for 2023 events coming during Black Breastfeeding Week August 25-31!

CinnaMoms Team w/ PHFE WIC Executive Director Kiran Saluja.
CinnaMoms Team w/ PHFE WIC Executive Director Kiran Saluja.


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