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Black Film Showcase

CinnaMoms collaborated with Black Women for Wellness to host our first-ever Black Film Showcase on April 13th, 2024.

We brought together the community for this special event to view two short films: “Brown Babies” by Zaire Davis and “I Ain’t Mad at Ya” by Devyn Dyett. Both delve into the complexities of Black maternal health, the alarming disparities that persist, and how our village comes to support them. 

We then viewed a special trailer of “Deliver Us,” which is a documentary that advocates for increased access to Midwifery care to aid in joyous, safe deliveries for Black Moms and infants. We then held a panel discussion with the Director and Writer of “Brown Babies,” Zaire Davis, Co-Producer of “Deliver Us,” Randi Matthews, CinnaMoms Project Coordinator K’Lynn Mitchell, and Black Women for Wellness Maternal & Infant Program Coordinator Gabrielle Brown to discuss the community & WICs role in improving pregnancy-related mortality among Black Birthers.

After the panel discussion, we ended with a slideshow curated by CinnaMoms Social Media Coordinator and Photographer Belen Rediet to honor and celebrate the joy of our CinnaFamilies.

Guests were then able to participate in a Live Art Installation by LAist and connect to our resources: CinnaMoms, WIC, Black Women for Wellness, Front Line Doulas, Breastfeed LA + The Abundant Birth Project, and Children’s Author Adrienne Stephens.

Special thanks to USC University Relations & the USC School of Film & Cinematic Arts for supporting this event at the Fisher Museum to increase awareness of Black Maternal Health wWek to the community through the art of film! 

Photo Credit Black Women for Wellness

Check out this article from LAist about the event, featuring Rhonda, CinnaMoms Breastfeeding Specialist.


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