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When you support CinnaMoms you are empowering a modern, millennial-strong organization that continues to make real change happen in the lives of real people.  Your gift will help ensure that the Black/African American community will have access to a safe space to discuss life, health, and breastfeeding. We encourage pregnant and breastfeeding women to bring the whole village - CinnaDads, CinnaGrands, CinnaBabies, and CinnaKids to all of our community events.


How will your gift be used?


We will allocate your gift to the initiative with the greatest need. Our ability to develop programs, events and spaces such as CinnaDads, CinnaMoms Lactation Educator and IBCLC Scholarships, Community Cafes, Thought-Leader Panels, Baby Wearing Tutorials, Healthy Food Demos, Mommy & Me Yoga, Resource Fairs, and many more innovative partnerships is one of CinnaMoms core goals.

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