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Our 2023 Journey Recap

Words from Our CinnaMoms Project Coordinator

When I stepped into my role as CinnaMoms Project Coordinator in 2021 to manage the USDA WIC Special Project Innovation Grant, it was important for me to continue the legacy of excellence that Dr.Toncé, Karla, and our extraordinary OG- CinnaTeam started in 2015 when CinnaMoms came to be.

Fast-forward to 2023, our amazing program has continued to grow and elevate the way we offer CinnaMoms services with:

  • My lovely team of CinnaMoms Project Specialists, Kyla Haylock, Kelsey Hill & LaTosha King

  • Our new CinnaMoms Strategic Engagement Coordinator, Sarah Fanta

  • Our Social Media Coordinator, Belen Rediet

  • Our Health & Racial Equity Coordinator, Elizabeth Rodriguez

  • Our amazing cohort of CinnaMoms Liaisons

  • Our coordinated efforts were guided by the wisdom of our fabulous leader, Dr. Toncé Jackson!

  • Together, we all made the magic of CinnaMoms possible through our hybrid model of virtual support circles and in-person events at our new flagship location, CinnaMoms Crenshaw.

I want to thank Kiran, Shannon, Deputies, Seniors, Area Managers, C.O.R.E, and ALL of our departments for supporting the CinnaMoms mission. Thank you to all the Centers and staff who refer families to CinnaMoms and support our grant goals. Thank you to the Obama Center staff for welcoming us into your team with the establishment of CinnaMoms Crenshaw. Planning and coordinating all 19 of our CinnaMoms events would have been impossible without your support.

Cheers to another year of CinnaMoms Excellence! Enjoy reading the 2023 Journey Recap presentation.

- K’Lynn Mitchell

CinnaMoms Crenshaw Opened

CinnaMoms, with funding from Heluna Health and in collaboration with Kiran, Cindy, and Shannon, was provided the opportunity to create a space for CinnaMoms to provide ongoing breastfeeding support and to advance Black/African American maternal health.

Thanks to the input of WIC participants, Sarah Fanta, CinnaMoms Strategic Engagement Coordinator, the CinnaTeam and CORE Advisory, and the work of a local interior designer, Bethlehem and Main Office Departments, CinnaMoms Crenshaw was born.

CinnaMoms Crenshaw's values and programming are guided by the Rest, Nest, and Connect pillars. We opened Juneteenth 2023!

CinnaMoms Crenshaw had 8 in-person events!

Black Breastfeeding Week in August

Holiday Resource Fair in December

Conducted 11 Virtual Support Circles

We launched a drop in Lactation Clinic at CinnaMoms Crenshaw

CinnaMoms was awarded 3 grants in 2023!

We went to DC for the WIC Special Project Innovation Closeout Presentation

K'Lynn, Dr. Toncé, and Dr. Shannon traveled to Washington D.C. to sunset the CinnaMoms USDA Grant on April 17th at the Food Nutrition Services Headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia. This was the end of a huge project that transformed how CinnaMoms supports clients by further refining the CinnaMoms Model hiring Cinnamoms Project Specialists, and conducting CinnaMoms Specific Outreach. 


Remebering Sharen V. Anthony


We can't wait for our 2024 virtual and in-person events to share a safe space. Check out our events page for updates. 

We kicked off 2024 with a virtual Open House on January 4th. 

We had five community partners to share their excellent resources. 

  1. Stacy Loomis shared updates on changes to Medical & Public Charge and Doula Coverage that took effect in 2024. 

  2. Bernadette Legis shared valuable vaccinations information from LA County Department of Public Health. 

  3. Vertise Suggs shared about WIN LA, which offers family mental services and essential items. 

  4. Elle Branch shared about Black Mammas Glowing, a virtual pregnancy peer support group for Black Women. 


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