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#DearCinnaMoms Breastfeeding Basics

with Ronie and Janelle

What are the basics? In August of 2023, WIC's breastfeeding professionals led by Ronie and Janelle, tackled this complex subject. With so much conflicting information about what and how to feed our babies, it is no wonder why many families stop breast and chestfeeding before they meant to.

So how can we get breastfeeding off to a good start? First off, by remind ourselves that breastfeeding is a journey!

As stated by our fabulous LC Ronie, "breastfeeding is natural and takes practice, just like learning a new dance." Contrary to popular belief, getting breastfeeding off to a good start does not begin with a good latch!

The changes that are experienced in the breast during pregnancy, signify the body's readiness in the production and building of the milk supply.

Looking to get breastfeeding off to a good start? Here are CinnaMoms' recommendations for how to:



  1. Skin-to-skin

Provides an opportunity for bonding, physical stimulation, and the building of one's milk supply

2. Positioning

Getting comfort before latching, increases our ability for sustained latching. So many positions, try them all to see what's right for you and your baby

3. Getting a good latch

Prevents pain, improves removal efficiency and milk transfer. Getting milk from the breast and into the baby's tummy

4. Breastfeed often

To build, establish, and protect the supply of breastmilk

5. Keep track

Counting wet and dirty diapers, assessing weight gain, is a great way to determine your baby is getting enough, when we can't measure the amount they are consuming

6. Trust your body

If something does not feel right, you're likely not wrong.

7. Ask for help when issues arise

Though formula may help ensure the baby is getting fed, it is not the answer to a breastfeeding problem. Formula is simply another tool to be used while striving to overcome the breastfeeding challenges

In the-critical first 2 weeks, we must demand the supply! Like making a reservation for a very important dinner. We arrive, dressed in our Sunday best but never check in... the purpose of stimulating in the early days, is like letting them know we are ready to be seated.

Q: So producing enough is determined by how much milk is demanded (through stimulation) and removed?

A: Yes, and not by the vitamins, herbs, or types of foods mom is consuming.

"I'm pumping and latching, and it's still not enough!"

When returning to work, following a schedule, frequency, consistency, and time matter.

Did you know CinnaMoms offers in-person breast and chestfeeding support?

Click here to obtain the services necessary to help you meet your feeding goals.

The CinnaMoms team works tirelessly to rebuild the villages of support that were lost to systemic socio-economic pressures and oppressions. When facing obstacles that challenge families with meeting their feeding goals, CinnaMoms offers the support system necessary to face those challenges head on.

Questions of preferring breastmilk over solid foods, or one breast over the other due to milk flow? How to decrease your milk supply without losing it completely? CinnaMoms is here to help!

“Don’t suffer in silence... we’re here to help you meet your breastfeeding goals, but you have to reach out for help.”


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