As a young girl...

Teryn's motherhood journey.... "As a young girl, I always imagined myself getting married, purchasing a big beautiful mansion, and having ten kids; all in that order. Then, reality hit me and that wonderful life I had so meticulously planned out went down the drain. Before I knew it, I had two beautiful children and a wonderful fiancé. Unfortunately, our income wasn't sufficient enough to take care of our family. To ensure that my children's needs were met and their father and I were able to properly care for them we applied for county resources such as WIC and food stamps. It gave us the additional help we needed to provide for our family. Often times when people get into situations like th

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    WIC is a special supplemental nutrition program for women, infants, and children. When applying for WIC benefits, your income is part of the requirement. The WIC income eligibility guidelines listed below will help determine if an applicant is eligible for the WIC program.

     The PHFE WIC Program is thrilled to support CinnaMoms as part of its mission to improve the lives of families through breastfeeding.

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