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#DearCinnaMoms: Celebrating Women's History Month 2023

I want to take a moment to thank and recognize the women in our lives, in history who fought for liberties many of us too often take for granted.

The Historical event that was the first International Women's Day, a day of global celebration for the achievements of women, took place on March 8th, 1911.

Its origins rich in complexities, a result of decades upon decades of social and political strife. In the U.S., as noted in the article by U.S. Census Bureau: "International Women's Day," (2023) It was on March 8th 1857 when female textile workers in New York came together to protest the unfair rights and working conditions of women.

March 8th 1908, women continued their efforts in fighting for equality, protesting for women's suffrage, and against the sweatshop working conditions and child labor, rampant in this country.

The singular day for celebration continued until President Jimmy Carter, during the 1980's, designated Women's History as a weeklong celebration, starting on the 2nd of March and set to culminated on March 8th: International Women's Day.

In the article "Women’s History Month: A Commemorative Observances Legal Research Guide," available through the Library of Congress, it was in 1987 when Congress--under pressure by the National Women's History Project--passed Public Law 100-9 which requested President Ronald Reagan to issue Presidential Proclamation 5619 cementing March as the month for observance, celebration, and to honor the achievements of our foresisters, our foremothers, of women.

Thank you for being amazing, thank you for being you and for all you've done, because you are still making history!

Happy Women's History Month!!


For those unfamiliar, CinnaMoms is a community coming together to address the needs of Black and African American families, in obtaining breastfeeding support services, and reducing the maternal and infant mortality rates in the United States. And though various challenges were presented by the COVID pandemic, including further limiting access to necessary services, CinnaMoms did not falter in their mission. Adapting and gathering virtually, PHFE-WIC and CinnaMoms, continued offering family, parenting and feeding support through the peak of social distancing, and beyond.

Hold Me Love Me Feed Me

The journey of feeding, caring, and raising our little ones, though different for everyone of us, often presents obstacles many of us can relate to, and CinnaMoms presented an opportunity for us to learn from each other.

Where are you in your journey?

The biggest advantage to breakout rooms with CinnaMoms, is the ability to getting up-close and personal with the professionals; and not only those certified and licensed, but those who have lived through the experiences of breastfeeding. Rhonda, Willie, and Janelle, may have led the discussions, though ultimately, it was our fellow CinnaMoms with their stories, feeding tips, struggles, and successes who we learned from, and truly what CinnaMoms is all about.

Never forget, all of your stories are success stories!!

Poetry time With Georgina

We continued our observance of Women's History Month, and celebrated with "Women Who Tell Stories!" Gathering around Georgina Guardado, Poet Laureate and dear friend to the CinnaMoms family, we explored and reflected on our day and our experiences, to release joy and tension in--as Georgina put it--a "safe space... fostering positivity, acceptance, and support."

Writing prompts:

  • How are you feeling right now, REALLY?

  • Write a list of things you might want to write about, and things you don't want to write about. Your fears and insecurities.

  • Write about the things you may be grateful for, or the things you want to be grateful for.

  • What do you need to od, to honor yourself today?

Aided by Georgina and a series of writing prompts, CinnaMoms were able to relax our minds, open our hearts, and put pen to paper where:

Flowing, soothing, rhythmic beats fill the space as tiny heads bob and sway on screen from a virtual meet, as we're asked to reflect on how we feel, really... Heavy, with the pressures of parenting and those of vulnerability. Raising babies, moving towards a future filled with uncertainty, often standing alone, somehow still standing on our own two feet. "But how are we feeling right now, REALLY?" Frustrated and tired daily, often hiding behind a façade of smiles that mask our journey. Yet today, I am reminded, of the importance to consider Me, now feeling heard, and loved. When most feel alone, forgetting our identities (since our roles have changed, and our purpose now them) I am reminded there is a me, and I am happy.

Do you wish to wish to partake in these poetic exercises?

To reflect and express ourselves authentically through poetry and creative writing? Visit Georgina's Bi-monthly virtual writing group, all ages all genres, on the first and third Wednesday of the month:, and don't forget to check out Georgina's Rooted in poetry Podcast.

What an experience this and your stories has been as you continue writing history, until next time CinnaMoms!


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