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#DearCinnaMoms Jul 21'

Health is wealth

What comes after a year like 2020?

2021, a new year with its own challenges. I remember hearing how we were done with 2020 and 2021 was the year we would take back, our chance to return to the lives we once knew. With a vaccine in one hand and a mask on the other, we ventured forward to a new dawn.

Wait, mask up!

The downward trend is trending upward once again. I genuinely believed we had seen the worst of it but it feels like 2020 all over again. So please, be safe out there. Wear a mask to protect others and keep some distance to protect yourselves (besides there’s nothing wrong with respecting each other’s personal space). If you are still unsure about the vaccine, talk to your healthcare provider.

Misinformation is not the only thing that is being spread out there; too many hospital beds are being filled with the unvaccinated and you are too important to be out of commission.

Nourish, Educate, Empower and Support

We take on that role seriously here at CinnaMoms. Our hearts fill joy and glow with pride as we see some of our regular attendees take on that role and address the same concerns they once had, with other moms.

Yes Kelsey we’re talking about you! Thank you for helping us rebuild our village.

Familiar faces and a few new ones continue coming together twice a month to share and learn from each other as we discuss parenting, motherhood, health, and family. Thank you to all presenters and attendees.

For those of you who weren’t able to Zoom in, here’s what you missed…

July 15th

The 1st weeks after delivery

Some of the most exhausting days lie in the first few weeks after delivery with many new mothers struggling in solitude.

They wonder if a baby-waking so often to feed is normal or wonder "how much are they supposed to eating?' Why is my milk so light?" I don’t have any milk, only colostrum, I pump, and only drops come out... Sound familiar?

Well, an amazing Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC for short) Wanda Kenlow from PHFE WIC shared some incredible knowledge on this subject. Together with Bethany, CinnaMoms discussed what is normal, the maternal breastfeeding changes, and the three stages of lactation. I thought breastfeeding was supposed to be easier than formula feeding, turns out it can be. Some of you are not first-time moms, you’ve gotten so much advice over the years about how often you should feed or wake the baby, or don’t wake the baby they’ll let you know when they’re hungry, don’t carry them or they’ll get used to your arms, eat this, drink that. Some of that advice sounding pretty far-fetched and some does make sense.

Where else do you hear about the baby’s stomach size at birth and how the baby grows, not just on the outside?

Wanda then led CinnaMoms in a discussion on the expectations vs. the realities of colostrum. Our marvelous IBCLC spoke with moms about the changes moms and babies go through in the first days. Wanda shared the normal removal and duration of colostrum in those early days along with normal feeding frequencies. We discussed in detail the benefits of colostrum and instinctual latching for babies.

Attendees shared with breastfeeding professionals their own experiences and struggle with mastitis as well as latching regardless of the breast size.

Here, we got truth and support!

Contact your WIC people

There was a message repeated over and over and it was that we must obtain the right support!

Whether contacting your Peer Counselor, WIC breastfeeding support, Lactation Specialist, or IBCLC.

So regardless of what you eat and teas you drink, nothing will replace talking to a professional to assess your needs. If you are a mom struggling with your milk supply, trying to breast or chest feed, considering pumping, or suffering through mastitis, “Contact your WIC people,” come to CinnaMoms!

We’ll see you next time.


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