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April Recap 22'

Celebrating Black Maternal Health Week with CinnaMoms!

We kicked off the month the month of April with our wonderful LC, Wanda Kenlow discussing breastfeeding older infants, 6 months and up. It was a great conversation where moms shared their breastfeeding experiences, and asked common breastfeeding questions and concerns. On April 21st both Rhonda Clayton (Slauson Peer Counselor) and Tia Welton (CinnaMoms Project Specialist/Brand Ambassador) talked about Birthing Basics and preparing a birth plan. Moms were able to relate to one another through sharing their birth stories, as well as advise new mothers what to expect.

CinnaMoms also participated in the 5th annual Black Maternal Health Week campaign, which takes place every year from April 11-17th. The intention of this week is to provide awareness, deepen the conversation, and build community around Black maternal health issues. This year’s theme was "Building For Liberation: Centering Black Mamas, Black Families & Black Systems of Care." CinnaMoms collaborated with March of Dimes on April 11th, where our very own K'Lynn Mitchell & Ronie Stewart took part in discussing how doulas and lactation educators can support Black families and improve Black birth outcomes.

Then, on April 14th, CinnaMoms partnered with Black Women for Wellness, where K’Lynn and Ronie provided nutrition facts and breastfeeding information related to the foods that were being prepared during the Kitchen Divas cooking demo.


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