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#DearCinnaMoms: Connecting Sole to Soul

Dance, Yoga, and A Safe Space for Acknowledgements; the CinnaMoms' Guide to Self-care.

The Mind, Body, Soul Connection

We cannot talk about total-wellness when we limit our discussion to physical and mental-health respectively, failing to consider the whole of ourselves. Whether our first or fifth born, every new addition or change in the family dynamics presents its own unique and interesting challenges. In July of 2023, over 30 of us came together in a space free from judgement, to share and face these challenges together.

There is something that stands out very quickly, how many of us struggle with the same stressors, and the similarities in how we deal with stress; not always in the most cost-effective, or practical way. Sadly, the majority of us will fall into one of two groups, or at least somewhere in between: Are you a stress eater, or a stress shopper? Such practices usually only offer an immediate but short-lived gratification, leaving us feeling uncomfortable, and sick with dread as we await the next credit card statement.

Dance Dance

One practical method to relieve stress: dancing, working the body and distracting the mind. Led by former CinnaMoms' participant, now a member of the CinnaStaff, Kelsey invites all attendees to their feet, and join with 3 easy 8 count sequences, as we shimmy shimmy and shake to get the blood pumping. Here today, CinnaMoms sway and bop, the music kicks and the speakers pop! From beginners to professionals we advanced, together we danced 'til the music did stop. Thank you Kelsey!

Yoga the stress away

Whether for fitness, conditioning, or meditation, yoga is a great practice to regularly engage in, and an excellent stress management tool. But before learning to pose like a warrior, K'Lynn remarks on the importance of centering ourselves, and of breathing.

You know, that thing we do everyone moment of our lives though maybe not as well as we probably should... Inhale, exhale, bringing life info our lungs through shallow and regular breathing.

Coupled with various yoga stretching techniques, contracting and relaxing the muscles in our legs, our backs, these movements allow our muscles to do what they need to do, and remain strong.

Whether sitting, standing, or stretching on the floor, we cannot forget to give our bodies--and our minds--the time and attention they deserve.And as K'Lynn reminds us, "don't forget to breathe, hold, and exhale!

We feel the difference instantly as K'Lynn leads us through the yoga and guided meditation session. Including 'box breathing, or square breathing, when implemented, forces us to slow and steady our breathing in counts of 4. Taking 4 counts to inhale, holding for another 4 counts, 4 counts to release, and holding again for another 4 counts before starting again; bringing us again to mindfulness and calm.

A useful practice to employ when a little extra help is needed to unwind, or bring us down to earth during moments of stress, and one I can personally attest to.

For more information on guided meditation, click on Rest Life

Space of acknowledgement and consideration

How often do we acknowledge ourselves for a job well done?

Maybe not as often as we should, especially when deemed: the things we're "supposed to do," though with the level and degree of time, attention, and love we put into our work, why not?

How do I find ways to feel my bests?

When is the last time I did something solely for myself?

Caring for everyone constantly, means we rarely give ourselves the time we require for self-appreciation and self-care. The end result may leave us not only emotionally or physically drained, but vulnerable to various illness and diseases. Your state of mind, your wellbeing matters, and though it may not always feel that way, the most important person in your child's life is you. AND YOU ARE IRREPLACEABLE!

So why not give yourselves the attention and time you deserve? Making the time to do so because no matter how hard we look, we are never going to find it between the errands and responsibilities of parenthood. Whether through yoga, dance, or any act we engage in to celebrate ourselves, let us engage in the activities that help us unwind, regenerate, rejuvenate! The things which fill us with hope, love, and all the energy we need, to care for those who matter most to us.


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