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#DearCinnaMoms Aug 21'

I’ve had the privilege to share my experiences attending the CinnaMoms Virtual support groups; though event may be a better word to describe them as these gatherings leave us with an indescribable sense of spiritual fulfillment. More and more families are coming together twice a month to share their experiences on raising families and to offer each other support.

Our families are finding true value in the information discussed or in coming into a space free of judgment. We are no lecture hall but a support circle that welcomes dads, grandmas, and anyone else that wishes to share in the experience.

If you are considering joining us, do not hesitate any longer!

Come and see for yourself what all the fuss is about.

Visit , to sign up. The invitations have been sent and we await your RSVP.

We waiver not!

Policies, rules, and recommendations continue to change around us but the CinnaMoms Mission Statement holds true. We are here “To create a cultural space that promotes empowerment and self-transformation for Black/African American women. We come together to share and advocate for breastfeeding/chestfeeding, parenting, and health for the entire life course.”

We continued our journey this August with topics like Nutrition & Breastfeeding; Finding the Right Balance followed in our second gathering with The Big Pause: Collective Rest for Collective Power as we prepared for Black Breastfeeding Week that is observed from August 25th-31st.

August 5th

We nourish our bodies to nourish our babies but do we really nourish ourselves?

In our first August gathering: Nutrition and Breastfeeding, Ronietra RDN, IBCLC of PHFE-WIC reminded us how important it is to eat a rainbow and she didn’t mean Skittles. It is recommended that a nursing mother increase her caloric intake, that we make half of our grains whole and that really no special diet is needed. The United States Department of Agriculture gave us “My Plate” to replace the old food pyramid.

Simple and easy to remember was its purpose. The goal as Ronietra best put it, “Eat right to feel good, eat better feel better.” Is seafood okay? Yes but the type of fish matters, choose 4oz from the good list of fish (fish with lower levels of mercury). Caffeine? Well, 2-3 cups per day are usually okay but remember that ‘with preterm and newborns we should probably limit more as they break down caffeine more slowly.

We talked about vegan and vegetarian diets, pre/probiotics, folic acid, and even alcohol!!

Helloooo Nurse Chatterjee!

Wellness and CinnaMoms advocate, Lactation Consultant, and Kaiser RN Jadah Chatterjee led CinnaMoms in mommy-baby floor exercises after discussing the importance and benefits of exercising after delivery. As nurse Chatterjee said, “If mamma is good, the baby is good.” Walking with your baby is easy and safe especially in those early days after delivery. Aside from improving the cardiovascular system and reducing the risk for cardiovascular diseases; walking helps drop the body’s cortisol levels and is even beneficial for your baby. We must allow our bodies to heal before jumping into any strenuous activity so listen to our bodies. Heart health is very important and walking is always recommended.

Nurse Chatterjee reminded us how important it is to appreciate ourselves, so how often do you give yourself your time? Can we look after the family if we’re not looking after ourselves?

Jhene Aiko tunes played in the background while nurse Chatterjee and CinnaMoms completed the mommy baby floor exercised on camera. We meditated and learned of a walking meditation podcast called GirlTrek. Check out their Black History Bootcamp, it comes highly recommended!

I hope you look forward to these gatherings as much as we do. So much happens behind the scenes in preparation for these events and your input matters. The surveys are a great way to share your ideas on other important topics you feel we could discuss and a great chance to win a gift card with multiple chances to win. If you are looking for information on doulas, nutrition, or parenting and feeding support, check us out!

Maybe only looking for a place to gather with other parents?

Join us! Share your wisdom and help us rebuild our village.


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