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#DearCinnaMoms Jan 21'

Hellooooo 2021!!

As this draws to a close, we look to the New Year with hope. None of us really pictured that our new normal would consist of almost 24-hour mask-wearing and conducting most of our official business in our PJ’s. 2020 really took a strange turn somewhere and now we are plagued by countless struggles, fears, and heavy losses. Maybe even moments not knowing where nor whom we may turn to. But what this year has really taught me, is that no matter the distance, we really are not alone.

We took it in stride

Yes, there is a virus plaguing our world, cutting us off from friends and families. Restricting our gatherings I too like warm hugs, so what else to do but adapt. So maybe the transition wasn’t as easy but virtual closeness was our answer to social distancing. Thanks to our current technologies, we were given a wonderful opportunity to keep our families close, to gather and hold our reunions through virtual meet-ups. Here at CinnaMoms we gathered once again and celebrated with games and prizes with those beautiful wonderful families that took part in our end of the year Holiday Hang-out. We have a better understanding of how important our relationships are and how resilient we’ve become.

CinnaMoms began with ONE goal; to offer Support. So we as we begin to bid farewell to 2020 and make way for 2021, we would like to introduce a new space where we can come together, share our ideas; our concerns, and learn from each other by sharing on this post.

Thank you CinnaMom!


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