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Embracing Our Mother Nature

Featuring the words of inspiration from one of our CinnaMoms "Savvy"

Collectively, women have been evolving. By gaining awareness of and embracing their divine femininity, women all over the world are embarking on self-love and healing journeys. Social media swarms with women resonating with themes of (hashtag): self-love, inner-work, divine feminine energy, black girl magic, and womb healing. In light of this transformative and freeing energy, the arrival of the Spring season (Spring Equinox) began with a literal flapping of wings and with Mother Nature at full bloom.

In the beginning weeks of March, Southern California experienced a majestic butterfly migration, where countless people bore witness to millions of butterflies crossing their paths. As they flew by, I was reassured that my own life was in harmony with this event. I, like other women and mothers, have been transforming and preparing to emerge from past pains, struggles and general feelings of being stuck or lost just as the caterpillar experiences before breaking free from its’ cocoon.

Moving forward, blossoming, fertility and birth are just a few themes associated with Spring and on April 21, many will be observing the Easter holiday. In its’ themes, Easter, celebrates the rebirth or the resurrection, which also parallels the journey of motherhood. Mother Nature is thriving at this time and it is only natural that women are embodying this nurturing energy and having general feelings of wanting to “bounce back”. This is a wonderful time to embrace what it means for you to be a mother.

Going through pregnancy and giving birth were catalysts to truly uncovering and exploring my divine femininity and wanting to learn and heal from past mistakes and lack of awareness; change is something I’m continuously experiencing. Of course not all pregnancy and birthing experiences are the exact same, but I know each and every woman who has gone through any part of the experience has endured some form of transformation. There can be a sense of guilt, even shame when transitioning into this new state of being as people may not relate, may misunderstand or may influence us with negative opinions while being bombarded by “should do” and “need to” advice that surrounds us.

Allowing yourself to be reborn through motherhood is such an intimate and personal thing. I found out that there was no “going back to normal” after giving birth, not even in the slightest sense, and for a while that confused me. Questions of who I am supposed to be plagued me until I understood, it’s not about figuring out who or how I am “supposed to be” as a mother, I just needed to embrace that I was already being one and accept that I will change and mature along with my child; I realize motherhood is a continuous transformative process that does not have to be intimidating, it is an opportunity to witness divine growth and learning to trust yourself. Knowing you are changing biologically, watching yourself morph physically and sensing yourself change spiritually, mentally and emotionally can be wondrous, and at times, straight up terrifying. However, the mystery of our ability is what makes it incredible.

In my awakening, I learned that motherhood is not just about the ability to bear and birth children. Being a mother is being a Creator, it is being a woman who embraces and exudes her creative energy. Being a mother, is a woman being in alignment with her nature to nurture herself, her children and all things manifested through her imagination, her divine feminine power. So whether it’s yourself, a human being, a project, or a business, in this season and beyond, I encourage you to honor yourself; Welcome yourself as you change, allow yourself to process, to blossom and to spring forward in your motherly nature.

Savvy Bio-

Savvy is a writer, researcher-analyst, content creator, lyrical artist, symbolist and poet. She is currently based in Los Angeles. Her writings focus on self-awareness, self-improvement, relationships, psychological wellness, spirituality and metaphysics. You can see some of her past and latest expressions at #savvyraw @yshesosavvy

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