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#DearCinnaMoms Mar 21'

CinnaMoms has done it again!

Spring is here, March has gone and CinnaMoms hosted two more amazing groups of families that came together to discuss and share information on parenting and infant feeding, to offer support, and to learn from one another because it really does take a village. Tea was spilled, positivity was promoted and sisterly love was shared.

So for those of you that weren’t able to join us this month; Sis, this is what you missed.

March 4th, 2021

The breasts are not faucets!

Our first March session was hosted by our very own Tonce Jackson, Pd.D., MPH, RDN, CLE, and facilitated by Janice Ahana, MS, RDN, IBLC a breastfeeding expert from our sister WIC agency called Lanquist WIC, she also began The Village Organization to help mothers in her WIC agency. She discussed the topic of How the Breast Make Milk: The Breasts are not faucets. She began discussing the misconceptions of milk production and the lack of knowledge of breastfeeding norms, an understanding of how the body makes milk, and using formula are the biggest contributors to this “perceived insufficient milk”. This concern plagues most moms and very often leads to premature weaning. (Vera-becerra & Heinig 2012)

So in our first session, we learned about how the breast makes milk and ways that to increase confidence in our ability to fully nurse our babies. Janice was able to accomplish this by taking us back to school (but in a good way) to review the anatomy of the breast and the breastfeeding anatomy, we saw fully illustrated diagrams of where and how Breast milk is produced and reviewed how hormones influence milk production. A 1996 study (Daly et al) found that babies only take about 67% of the milk from the breast.

You do have enough we just have to keep in mind the stomach sizes of a 1 day old, a 3 day old, a 1 week old, and a 1-month-old. “What they need vs. what we perceive.”

There are things that may interfere with mom’s milk production so, Breastfeeding tip: Drain the breast. “The more empty the breast, the faster your breast will make milk.” Frequent draining also helps to prevent engorgement.

Check out some additional Breastfeeding Tips you can use:


March 18th, 2021

Hey Queen!!

We began the afternoon with a clip titled Hey Queen!!!! 2021 Motivation to all queens curated by Netflix.

Haven’t seen it?

Take a click, it’s short and very sweet.

So many hardships this year, CinnaMoms took a moment to remember and share the good!

“What was your best moment with your baby or pregnancy this year?”

Less COVID, more pregnancies, telling families about the newest additions, twins, and feeling kicks for the first time.

We celebrated new life !

Our second March session was hosted by Danielle WNA, CLE, and led by Aqueelah Russell, IBCLC LCCE from Northeast Valley Health WIC to discuss Breastfeeding Tidbits and some FAQ's. Aqueelah a breastfeeding mom with years of experience and with a well-versed support system still found that the struggles of breastfeeding are real!

So she has made it her mission to help mothers breastfeed and led the session to help answer some important questions and share some tips.

Some of the questions consisted of:

Does your baby need water?

Medications: What can I take?

What are the new COVID 19 hospital experiences?

All questions that were addressed during the session to help mothers overcome some of the most challenging obstacles and help moms meet their feeding goals during these times of limited lactation support. If you know you are going to breastfeed, ask for lactation support when you get to the hospital, and don’t forget about yourself!

How are you feeling? ---- Remember that you must take care of yourself and only then can you care for the family.

Your needs are important too and yes, hormones are crazy!

“There is no shame in asking for help with Postpartum Depression, you should never suffer in silence because we are here to support you, we are here for you.

Check out the following resources :

Speak up when you’re down

Apply for WIC:

WIC Breastfeeding Peer Counselor program:

(888) 278-6455

Black Infant Health: (323) 238-3205


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