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#DearCinnaMoms Jan 22'

Welcome to the New Year!

CinnaMoms is hitting new milestones and with the greatest outlook, still gathering virtually and welcoming all.

What is your New Year’s resolution?

CinnaMoms aims to increase the breastfeeding rates among African American families and through the PHFE WIC program, host support circles that provide encouragement in a safe space to chat about historical feeding practices, perceptions of breastfeeding, familial feeding experiences, and the health benefits of breastfeeding. Our goal has always been to support, educate and empower! Mine, is to share with you what you may have missed and thank you for being a part of it all.

We will together, rebuild that village of support.

Our House Party

A few of us remember the olden days when the fire department would make an appearance at an event after reaching capacity.

Due to current circumstances, there were many instances where we waited outside of a facility because there were already two individuals inside (COVID capacity). In our inaugural event of twenty-twenty-two, the unexpected happened, we reached Zoom capacity! It was such a surprise that several attendees (including a special guest speaker) were left unable to join the party and what a party indeed. It was a celebration with music, dancing, a few games and prizes but most importantly, a community. Yes, we were missing the casseroles; chips, dips, and drinks but there was still a gathering and the DJ playing her song.

As the music quieted and everyone found their seats, we took turns to share a little about ourselves and welcome the newcomers to the CinnaMoms family. Expectant mothers, mommies of 3, moms with grown babies, and whole families.

What was your Breastfeeding Journey?

The CinnaMoms team that was led by our very own Rhonda, Peer Counselor, and Wanda, IBCLC, opened a Questions & Answers forum after describing WIC’s breastfeeding services that exist to help moms meet their breastfeeding goals.

Are you breastfeeding for one week or five years?

Text 91997 or call our Breastfeeding Helpline at (888) 278-6455, reach out to your Peer Counselor, and don’t forget to join CinnaMoms.

Here are some of the common questions

- What formula is closer to breastmilk? None

- Is it normal to continue producing milk after having stopped breastfeeding? Yes

- What’s the preferred length/duration to breastfeed your baby? When should I stop? How long would you like to breastfeed? As long as both you and baby feel comfortable doing so.

- How early can I introduce solids? AAP recommends around six months of age.

- Can I breastfeed with an inverted nipple? Yes, your breasts are the only breasts your baby knows.

These answers are oversimplifications; the concerns of our participants are addressed in great detail and continued support, is always offered. At every CinnaMoms gathering, individuals connect with Lactation Consultants, Peer counselors, and Dietitians in a continued effort to help families overcome the obstacles keeping them from meeting their goals.

I extend the invitation to you, the first-time breast and chest feeders, mommies with years of breastfeeding experience under your belts, and families hoping to start breastfeeding after having stopped.

Are you looking for a place to connect, seek advice or share your support?

CinnaMoms is where it is all happening, CinnaMoms is where you want to be.

Wazobia Dance 1/21/22

How do you practice self-care?

In collaboration with CinnaMoms, Nigerian beats reverberated our virtual room as we stretched and moved together. Nneoma, creator and owner of Wazobia Dance led a heart thumping choreo that was, in Nneoma’s words “Sensual maybe, but respectful.”

The Zoom room was filled with many smiling faces, some of us began to struggle a little after a few songs and yet still fully enjoyed the experience. Young toddlers and professional dancers alike (yup, several in attendance) showed us, dancing is a lot of hard work with many physical and mental health benefits. We were also joined by Kelsey who came on camera to share her history with dance, becoming a mom, WIC participation, and breastfeeding. Marking her return as a dancer, Kelsey kicked off an Instagram #CinnaFit Dance Challenge with the first 8 count. Check out @cinnamoms_

Wazobia Dance is offering free virtual dance classes with Afro beats through zoom so if you are looking for great music, wonderful company and a truly a feel good experience, join Wazobia Dance and CinnaMoms every third Thursday of the month at 6:30pm. Click: for more information on Wazobia Dance and CinnaMoms.

Health, wellness, breastfeeding, parenting, and self-care. CinnaMoms has made these topics their focus over this last year, now is your chance to be a part of our future.


CinnaMoms is meeting every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month. Sign up to receive our newsletter for the latest and greatest. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for multiple chances to win prizes and stay up to date with CinnaMoms events.

Visit our partners and help rebuild that Village of Support!

Are you interested in a virtual community for parent clubs?

The BMBFA B’right Hub App is available on the google and apple market for download. A great way to connect with virtual parent clubs from coast to coast. Download the app to help us grow and help us connect.

Soul food for Baby

Breastfeeding support for African American Families

Is holding virtual support groups for pregnant and parenting support. Visit:

WIC has Peer counselors are available for one on one personal attention and support through your pregnancy and the first 6 months post-partum.

Welcome baby is here:

Welcome Baby Interest Form:

Black infant health: 323-238-3205

Frontline Doulas


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