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As a young girl...

Teryn's motherhood journey....

"As a young girl, I always imagined myself getting married, purchasing a big beautiful mansion, and having ten kids; all in that order. Then, reality hit me and that wonderful life I had so meticulously planned out went down the drain. Before I knew it, I had two beautiful children and a wonderful fiancé. Unfortunately, our income wasn't sufficient enough to take care of our family. To ensure that my children's needs were met and their father and I were able to properly care for them we applied for county resources such as WIC and food stamps. It gave us the additional help we needed to provide for our family. Often times when people get into situations like this they completely give up and lose faith that they will overcome it. I went through that myself, but then I realized the only way my situation would become permanent is if I didn't do anything about it. Instead of looking at everything wrong in my life, I had to find ways to improve my situation. I'm proud to say my family and I are already in a much better place than what were a few years ago.

My children Malyah and Noah are both models. Malyah has done work for Forever 21, old navy, Disney, Swimways, and Bibbidi bobbidi Boutique. Noah is just getting started but I know he will have as much success as his big sister. Malyah is thriving in school. She has received numerous awards for her art and academics and will be starting the Gate Program in August. Lastly, my fiancé and I are both enrolled and school will be receiving various degrees and certificates to help us become more competitive in the workforce."

- Teryn Moore

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