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#DearCinnaMoms Oct '21

Did you receive your CinnaMoms invitation?

As ever expansive as the virtual world has become, I still find it astonishing that with a click of a link or a tap on a screen, we can all be instantly transported through cyberspace and arrive at a singular place. We lead busy lives; some of you rarely even have time to sit down and eat. You, the parent on the go, with appointments to keep, places to be, and then there are those little ones that always want to eat. Worry not, CinnaMoms can go with you! Gone is the era where your physical presence was a requirement to obtain any form of assistance. Standing in line for hours at a time and possibly losing your place during a bathroom break. Our daily lives, as unpredictable as they are, why do we bother planning? The world continues to evolve and grow around us (both virtually and in real life). We are in luck because in this age, we really can be in two places at once.

On the Go

We are all welcomed in this inclusive space! The only ask is to remember; though participation is encouraged, it was never mandatory. I know how uplifting it is to log in and see so many beautiful families coming together and in support of one another. We also understand that sometimes, you simply cannot. Will you listen in? Airpods, earbuds, or your car stereo, why not play CinnaMoms as loudly and proudly as we do our favorite tunes? Is that not the advantage of being mobile? Besides, when was the last time we did something for ourselves? Or a better question: When was the last time you nourished your soul?

Eat Good to Feel Good

Our first October gathering began with two presenters: K'Lynn, RE and Rhonda, CLE, and Peer Counselor for PHFE-WIC, as they tackled a complex topic: Mind and Body Health. Most of us are familiar with the importance of fruits and vegetables as part of a daily diet. Maybe even to some extent, that not all whole grains are created equal. In this CinnaMoms event, our breastfeeding and nutrition professionals explained dietary patterns and the importance of nutrient-dense foods. We discussed food content vs. nutritional benefits and were shared a few links that included recipes and the WIC Moms Cookbook.

The Mind-Gut Connection

So what does it mean to eat healthy? It is more than just eating fruits and veggies. A healthier lifestyle? More than a balanced diet and partnered with daily exercise. When talking about our fruit and vegetable intake, we also need to remember the importance of eating the rainbow. The following excerpt is from one of the first slides shared with the group defining dietary patterns. “A dietary pattern represents the totality of what individuals habitually eat and drink, and the parts of the pattern act synergistically to affect health. As a result, the dietary pattern may better predict overall health status and disease risk than individual food nutrients.”

We want to be healthy; at least we try to be. Regularly we consider the foods we consume and our activity levels. Now we can bring it all together. We can choose low/nonfat yogurt instead of sour cream when making our dips or choosing plant-based oils instead of butter; that is us making healthy choices.

Our resident Peer Counselor and CLE, Rhonda whom introduced the topic: The Mind-Gut Connection where we blended the science and human elements, discussed the facts and explored our feelings with real-world applications. When talking about the benefits of breastfeeding and immune system support, Rhonda surprised the group by sharing on the benefits of breastfeeding beyond infancy and the benefits for moms in reducing inflammations and the risk of other illnesses, even cancers. The fat in breastmilk has many incredible benefits for overall development that also include language and cognitive function.

Click on the link to learn more about breastfeeding and bonding, especially on forming bonds with limited or non-breastfeeding holding.

"Once a CinnaMom always a CinnaMom, you're with us for life"

There is always an element of fun to be found at these gatherings. Come, expect to learn, laugh, and maybe win some prizes! Several topics are discussed during each event and all center on the family. The information is easy to understand, impactful, and never have I left feeling overwhelmed.

We are always welcomed with music, professionals then take center stage and help in answering our questions. We end with great music as we dance it out for some old-fashioned self-care. Games and prizes are also commonplace with winners scoring major prizes at every CinnaMoms event! Please do not forget to fill in the Survey for another chance to win.

Rights of Pregnant and Parent Workers

We closed out the month of October with a more serious topic. Jill Thompson and Mallory Sepler-King, both from the Public Counsel on Women and Girls Rights Project (PCWGRP) joined us on October 21st to tell us about free legal services for women, girls, female-identifying, and non-binary folks in Los Angeles County. Discrimination is sadly something many of are all too familiar with. Race, sex, age, language, nationality, disability, pregnant and even working parent? Why?!!

What many people may not know is that California offers more protections against discrimination than even the federal government. California is one of only a handful of states in the U.S. with clear and robust laws that protect working parents. We are now up to date on the rights of workers and the protections in the workplace. The PCWGRP offers its services to those in need. Free counsel and advice; advocacy and intervention with employers and schools as well as representation in administrative processes and litigation.

For more information, please visit:

To sign up for a to sign up for a Virtual Workplace Rights and Advice Clinic visit:

Anti-Discrimination Protections

We have a right to a workplace free from discrimination based on gender that includes pregnancy! The fair employment and housing act that offers protections based on gender and disability, offers the same protections for pregnancy and new motherhood. Those protections include: changes to work conditions, pay, schedule or benefits after disclosing that you are pregnant.

You may not be treated less favorably than other employees. It cannot be stressed enough, CinnaMoms is here for you. Will you take the challenge and join us on our next adventure? Will you come on camera, bringing your family with you to join ours or will you at least listen in?


Are you interested in a virtual community for parent clubs?

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Soul food for Baby Breastfeeding support for African American Families

Is holding virtual support groups for pregnant and parenting support. Visit:

WIC has Peer counselors are available for one on one personal attention and support through your pregnancy and the first 6 months post-partum.

Welcome baby is here:

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Black infant health: 323-238-3205

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Remember, we are a community and only by coming together can we break these cycles of systemic oppression.

Until next time CinnaMoms, stay happy, stay healthy


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