#DearCinnaMoms March 22'

Your warmth, your colors

Your beauty sparks jealousy

Life giving magic,

Pure energy.

Greens, blues, reds and pinks

Gone, the gray and bleak.

Winter storms and now your showers,

Reborn are we,

Adored, your flowers.

It is spring indeed

Happy Women’s History Month

There could not be a better time, a better season to celebrate the reason we are here. For all that you do, have done, and will do, we thank and celebrate you! As a CinnaMom has said it best, “Sending love and light to all the women and the mommas!”

CinnaMoms has gathered and continues to meet on the first and third Thursday of each month to share and discuss the topics that matter most to you. On our first gathering of March, several CinnaMoms facilitators worked together to provide simultaneous breastfeeding information and support to our attendees divided into three groups: expectant families, families with newborns, and families with babies one month and older. Our second CinnaMoms event of March included a special guest speaker, Poet Laureate Georgina Marie, for a Floetry session of writing for self-care and self-expression.

But First

Are you looking for a parent coach, personal nurse, support circles, or mental health support? How about information on Doulas, support for black dads or fathers of black children? For information on these services and more, check out: https://www.cinnamoms.org/resources to find our list of partners. You may count on us as part of your village of support.

Let it flow

Before we headed out into breakout rooms (smaller zoom rooms within zoom rooms,) Ronie spoke on the current state of infant formula safety and shortages as well as the importance of breastfeeding and breastfeeding support.

“It is more important now than ever” –Ronie

It was becoming increasingly difficult to find infant formula in stores. We were encouraged to purchase only what we needed instead of everything we could get our hands on because that fear was only driving up its scarcity. This is not like the toilet paper shortages; our babies need to feed.

There is no need to panic about what unknowingly and accidentally went into your baby’s milk or finding enough of it when you are the one making it. Granted there are some difficulties with some moms when it comes to producing enough but with the right kind of support, you may be able to produce all the milk your baby needs. Ronie said, “To build it, you must demand it.” Your breastmilk is not about supply and demand, it is demand to supply.

Milk making 101

Need to suck vs. feed

Our infants are born with a need to suck more than to feed. Colostrum is drawn in drops totaling to about the size of a quarter; it may not seem like enough for us, but it is the perfect amount for them. When there is frequent stimulation and emptying of the breast, we increase the milk volume.

Know your tummy sizes