#DearCinnaMoms May 21'

We welcomed the New Year with hope after showing great resilience during the worst pandemic in modern history. Now in the merry month of May, we begin to turn the page for a new chapter to begin. The light at the end of the tunnel seeming ever closer, Indoor dining a common place again and California theme parks are welcoming returning employees and guest.

Doors open once more and families come together for the first time in what has felt like an eternity. Quickly we continue moving towards a normalcy that now feels somewhat alien and how anxious are we really to jump back into maskless crowds?

This pandemic brought to light many discrepancies in our health care system and so many of our loved ones have paid the ultimate price. The sad truth is, long before 2020 have we lived with the injustices that plague our Black and African American siblings. COVID was not our only threat and it can no longer be ignored. Not only are we talking about greater rates of dying at the hands of police but higher infant and maternal mortality rates.

That’s not even considering the adverse emotional, mental and physical health risk that stem from inter and transgenerational trauma?

It takes a village