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Birthing Bill of Rights 

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Black Birthing Bill of Rights

The Black Birthing Bill of Rights was created by the National Association to Advance Black Birth (NAABB). This tool is not just a declaration; it’s a movement towards empowering, respectful, and equitable maternity care. Let’s explore what this Bill of Rights means, why they are important, and how you can use it to ensure your voice is heard.

What is the Black Birthing Bill of Rights?

The Black Birthing Bill of Rights is designed to inform Black women and birthing persons of their inherent rights during maternity care. We want to make sure that the care you receive is free from discrimination, respectful of personal cultural practices, and supportive of your individual choices throughout the maternity experience. Whether it’s choosing your healthcare provider, incorporating your faith and traditions, or making informed decisions about your baby’s care, this Bill of Rights is here for you. 

Why Are These Rights Important?

The Black Birthing Bill of Rights tackles the systemic disparities and challenges that Black women and birthing persons face in maternity care. The statistics are alarming, Black women are disproportionately affected by maternal mortality and morbidity, often rooted in systemic racism and discrimination in healthcare settings. The Bill of Rights serves as a guide not only to patients but also healthcare providers, hospitals, and policymakers towards more just and equitable practices.

How to use the Bill of Rights?

  • Know your rights! Read and familiarize yourself with the Black Birthing Bill of Rights to know what standards of care you should expect and demand.

  • Use this Bill of Rights as a tool to advocate for your needs and preferences in all maternity care encounters. If something doesn’t feel right, speak up and or have your village of support speak up!

  • Ensure your healthcare provider and birthing environment align with the values and rights outlined in the Bill of Rights. Don’t hesitate to seek a provider or setting that feels more supportive of your rights.

Share with Family and Friends

Talk about the Black Birthing Bill of Rights with your loved ones. Discuss your rights and how you plan to advocate for yourself can help them understand how to support you best. Encourage your family and friends to be informed advocates who can stand up for these rights with you.


  • Local doulas and birth advocates - Find support that respects and upholds your rights during childbirth.

  • Community health centers and women’s health advocates - These often provide resources and support tailored to the Black community.


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