#DearCinnaMoms Sept '21 part II

Coming together

On September 2nd, 2021 45 individuals came together virtually to discuss the feeding needs of infants and to hear from The Magnificent Lydia Boyd. A career IBCLC, CBE-Expert, CLE, Peer Counselor, and Full Spectrum Doula. Lydia has graciously agreed to share some of the wisdom she’s acquired through her own experiences and in helping families meet their feeding goals through the years. In turn, attendees shared their experiences while acknowledging their struggles and celebrating the successes.

Camera Shy

The thought of coming on camera and voicing our opinions can be a scary one, yet CinnaMoms has shown us time and time again that this is a place free of judgment. In keeping with the mission statement of creating a safe space, we are encouraged to share our concerns if even via the chat box and behind the safety of our keyboards; all are welcomed! (Maybe if we were all too comfortable before a camera, we’d have many more supermodels and movie stars in our midst.) After a great start to our afternoon with our lactation guru affirming our experiences, Lydia posed several questions to the group that this participant wishes to share with you for consideration:

What are the recommendations on weaning?

Why are we weaning?

Whose decision is it?

How long should I breastfeed?

We know that the opinions of others will likely influence our decision-making process and it is no different when making our decision to wean. We often fall victim to societal pressures and no matter how stubborn we can be, doubt can slowly creep its way in. What do lactation experts say? "A mother’s informed decision is always encouraged."

After struggling in those early days in getting the baby to latch and the constant fears whether or not the baby was getting enough, we get to a great place and we start hearing why we should stop? Auntie Lydia is right; mom doesn’t need you, I nor “uncle Cleofus” telling her that her baby is old enough or big enough and that it is time.

To the surprise of the group, it was far too common a practice. Several CinnaMoms attendees also shared instances where their own families and even the hospital staff had incorrectly told nursing moms to stop nursing or to begin the introduction to solid foods before the baby was even ready. CinnaMoms is here and ready to help you breastfeed as long as you had hoped for and support you in your journey. So let us support moms in ways that help them feel supported and allow every mom and baby to make that decision for themselves.

Weaning and adding solids to your baby’s diet