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#DearCinnaMoms Oct '22 part II

In the words of Lizzo, "You're special!"

"On a scale of 1-10, how is everyone doing?" That is the question our guest facilitator, Denise Cervantes, opened with, this congress of CinnaMoms.

Denise joins us from the Maternal and Child Health Access Welcome Baby Program:, and focused today on the importance of caring for ourselves, adding "It is normal to be up and down, not every day is the same." So let us talk about your feelings during the perinatal period:

Being pregnant and having a baby, are two of the most wonderful and most frightening moments of our lives! These new adventures bring with them a host of new emotions, indescribable levels of joy and fears of the unknown.

I am not the only one who overanalyzes here, but do you too, spend too much of your time thinking about all the things that have yet to happen, the what ifs? "These thoughts cloud what's happening around us, we can't get stuck in those, what ifs" -Denise Cervantes, 2022.

Continuing with a conversation about stress, and its many contributors i.e., money, housing, and worries about being a good parents.

What about when stress takes over?

Denise's recommended that you "do what works for you." Yes, it is sometimes difficult trying to get some sleep, especially late into the pregnancy and with other little ones the home, but maybe its about making sure you are getting just enough sleep, however much works for you, for that day.

Let the dishes and the clothes pile up for a little while, because if you have the opportunity to nap with them, why not take it?

Here we have a few tips, shared by Denise and First 5 LA, for when "Stress Takes Over":

Supporting Families

We continued our morning, discussing not only what is, and the importance of self-care, but making it happen. We took time to reflect on mindful moments, practicing mindfulness, and getting support. And that is what CinnaMoms is all about. Born out of PHFE-WIC, to support a community in need. I have attended almost every CinnaMoms virtual meeting since its inception, never had I felt out of place, and neither will you.

I invite you to come and share, or maybe just experience what is, CinnaMoms.


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