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Breastfeeding, Black History, and Love

February is Black History Month but also the Month of love. Did you know that black women were experts in breastfeeding before the 1920s and 1930s? Yes its true Black women breastfed their babies and their masters’ babies before formula was introduced. Due to lack of education, black women were not aware of the benefits of breastmilk.

Today that is all changing, African American Women are breastfeeding and many advocates are working to normalize breastfeeding in the African American Community. Together we can make a difference! As we celebrate love this month, let us also celebrate the bond and love that develops from breastfeeding. There is no other love like a mothers love for her child.

Wishing you all Happy Breastfeeding as we continue to celebrate Love and Black History all year long!

March support groups information can be found on the front page. Please sign up on this page for the group that you would like to attend.

See you all in March!

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