Image by Andre Adjahoe


Go with the Glow 

Our break-out room is the GO with the GLOW! If you are pregnant, getting ready to give birth Join us! We will discuss birthing plans, getting ready for delivery and infant feedings options !!

Come to our room and Go with the GLOW! We will talk shop, share and support one another!


When a Man Loves a Woman: Beyond Finances

Join our breakout room to explore how fathers can improve Emotional Intelligence, Practicing patience, and in home Support for improved interactions with our birthing partners. Fathers’ proactive support in the home has significant impact on improving and stabilizing the family structure and we will provide insight on how begin that process with prizes along the way!



Lactation Lounge

Come join us, Rhonda, Tia and Wanda for all things breastfeeding. Whether you’re getting ready to deliver, breastfeeding with or without challenges, pumping, weaning or starting your little one on solid foods, come hang with us in the Breastfeeding Lounge. We’ll discuss empowering tips, share breastfeeding experiences and helpful advice.

Can’t wait to see you there to share!


New Baby, New Life

You just had a baby or your baby is a little bit older now  & your still trying to figure out this  whole “parent thing” right. Join our session The CinnaTeam will help guide you on tips to help you become that fabulous parent “WE” know you can be.